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At 12:00pm on May 4, 2009, Nancy Murdoch said…
Thanks so much Bill, you sure seem to know your stuff.

I understand about the out of copyright dating as per your information. I appreciate you giving me the specifics of dates, etc. But if say, I used a classical song that you had played and recorded, it's not necessarily royalty free because you are the performer even though you are playing an out of copyright piece. Know what I mean? That's what I'd like to be clear about before using midi files as part of my CDs for sale.

I will play with the process this week and see what comes up. I look forward to it and I really really appreciate all your help.

At 12:05pm on May 4, 2009, Nancy Murdoch said…

Just a thought, but would you like to pull a piece of music together that I could use for my mp3 meditations that I could buy from you? I love your playing.
At 12:27pm on June 13, 2009, Vinod MOOGI said…
Dear William

I liked Danny boy very much, it is very sooding. I wish you can send me notes & mp3 to enable me practise. It is really a relaxing tune. Offcourse well played by you.

At 1:55am on June 15, 2009, Vinod MOOGI said…
Dear William Carstairs,

Thank you so much for your feedback & help. I am still not so good to pick up notes by listening. I need to know the notes. Where will I find the notes for Danny boy? If you have, you playing on mp3 along with notes would be great. Yes I would like to record & upload my songs only when I am good. Before downloading that software pls share with me as to what method you are using to record. The built in software in laptop allows you to record for just 60 seconds. Recording quality is not that good. Do you use professional video camera or is there any software available for the same?
My e-mail id vinodmoogi@yahoo.com.
One more question. Do I staright away learn Danny boy or begin with something simpler ? Which you recommend? I like Danny boy, I would not mind taking pains to learn that song.

Thanks & Regards

At 8:28am on June 15, 2009, Piperon said…
Hi William, I admire for your persistancy on the practise of the flute to perfect your skills. I begun with only a simple recorder when I was 14 and have been playing several other flutes since then. But as age catches up and serious asthma, I have to reduce the amount of play now, I can only play per session now (about 10 minutes) and paste the pieces together with a PC. PC do a wonder, I use them to create special effects for the new spiritual flute I created. There are total of 40 over effects now.

Great to meet a person with the same inspiring work for flute music like yourself. Consider myself honoured to be a friend of yours. Keep in touch with you and with flute music work too.

With million of love from Singapore.
Piperon - One and Only spiritual flute player on Earth.
At 11:48pm on June 20, 2009, JP said…
Thanks for your gesture of friendship. Let;s start a dialog. I have a Muramatsu on the bench!
At 11:03am on June 22, 2009, Emma Jane Herring said…
Hi, thnx for adding me :) my first friend on here ... Emma xx
At 8:12am on June 23, 2009, Maree said…
Dear Bill,
I have listened to a few of your songs and they sound great. I am hoping that when I leave school I can get into an Orchestra somewhere and I was wondering if you could give me a few tips on how I could become good enough. I am currently practising for my grade five flute exams and I do quite a bit of practise, but I have no real structure to what I do in those sessions. Do you have any good ideas of how I might structure my practice sessions?
Thanks, Maree
At 6:16pm on June 24, 2009, Pamela said…
Hi William, thank you for the friend request. Your music sounds beautiful! I look forward to getting to know you here. :)
At 6:35pm on June 28, 2009, Ebony Clement said…

Thanks for the friend request! Your page looks brilliant! I look forward to seeing any tips that you have and sharing my musical inerest with you!

Take care!
At 8:59pm on July 24, 2009, chris wind said…
Hello William - thanks for the friend request! (And I understand about Bambi...) Hope you enjoy some of my scores - my guess is you'll like the flute solos the most, but you might also like the "Paintings" - I'd be interested in any feedback! cheers, chris (www.chriswind.com)
At 5:44am on May 5, 2010, Zoltan Paul Jeney said…
Dear William,
thank you for offering your friendship. I already looked at your photos, they are very interesting. I would like to inform me a little about you so that I don´t ask unnecessary questions. By the way : All those flutes are yours ?
If that ´s so , then congratulations, you do have a wonderful collection.
I have played on bass flute yet. The only time I have seen a flute orchestra was a couple of years ago when I saw the 12 flutists of Berlin lead by Andreas Blau from the Berlin phil. The gave an interesting concert with several original works specially composed for them.
Have you seen this film footage ?? Was it alse shown in the UK. ?
At 9:28am on May 8, 2010, Zoltan Paul Jeney said…
Dear Bill,
I was thinking again about doing concerts with you. Have you played all the bach Sonatas? We could perhaps play at two censecutive concerts with me at the harpsichord or piano. I am sure not many people come to the idea of doing it. Certainly I did not ever see concerts like that advertised in the UK , when I lived there. ( I studied Piano at the RAM )
I would think it would be quite lucrative in and around Eastbourne with all the touriists there, bored in the evenings.
What do you reckon ? Please senm me an e-mail address of yours, so I can send you my programme design and Poster-design for the concerts. Or should we do a concerts for two flutes ??
At 9:41am on May 8, 2010, Zoltan Paul Jeney said…
Dear Bill,
actually if you could come to Berlin on the 11th June we could play somthing together. I have lovely flute duos. I am doing a concert in Berlin on flute alone. It is a society for trying to prevent the decay of monuments, and I offered to them that I play charitable concerts providing they play all my costs. ( travel, food and lodgings ) So they invited me to this concert in Potsdam in the Chapel of an old cemetery. There will be lots of VIPs and they are going to collect for one of there projects. I am doing it primerely ´cos I want to invite all the professional flutists in Berlin who I can reach through e-mail.
What do you think of the idea ?
At 1:46pm on July 30, 2011, Zoltan Paul Jeney said…


Hi , William

I am playing my solo recital this Sunday in a Chapel in Neustrelitz. ( 129 km from Berlin )  This is the Link , you can read more about it.

How are you keeping ?

Have not heard from you for a long time!  Hope you still playing the flute.

Hope to hear from you

Best wishes


At 11:20am on August 12, 2011, ADEKANMI MAYOKUN MARK said…

Hi William, just listened to your piece 'feelings' , that was a good one. i really wish i have the opportunity to rehearse to be as good as u are. anyway, keep up the good work.

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