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Jethro Tull was on old band that had an awesome male flute player named Ian Anderson. He did things like singing into his flute and tossing it in the air.

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Glad you caught my meaning. It can be a bit tricky in print to really understand what someone is trying to say.

I'll explore the Tull link and get back to you in a few days. We just got home from 8 days away, so lots of little things to catch up on.

Here's a fellow I really like. I am playing the first movement of this piece in my recital in 2 weeks. That's how I found him.


I have and I like it.  I still find videos I haven't heard before and enjoy as well as revisiting songs i am familiar with. 

Ok here is my experience with Ian Anderson.  I was a flute major in college and worked in the food services department at a large university in California.  I got extra jobs sometimes catering for the bands that would come through and play in the open theater at the school.  When Jethro Tull came through, I almost had a heart attack!  I was the biggest Ian Anderson fan! I could play (sort of) his songs out of this book that I have of his solos that have been transcribed.  I was really looking forward to hopefully meeting Ian and at least shaking his hand.  

After counting down the days, it finally arrived and we made all sorts of food for the group and their people.  I went out there and at what seemed an appropriate time (I had been around music celebrities before, we knew better than to be annoying) I went and introduced myself and told him I was a huge fan.  He was extremely rude to me and blew me off.  It kind of killed my appreciation for Ian Anderson.  Sorry maybe I shouldn't have shared this story.  I still like to hear him play but only once in a blue moon and not for long.  Maybe he was stoned, had a bad day or whatever.  I have tried to play it off, but he was REALLY rude.  I wasn't being offensive, or pushy.  

I have met James Galaway on the other hand and he was delightful.  


Good you shared the story. Never know why he must have behaved like that. Glad to know that you play some of Jethrotull


i get a lot of request to play his music i guess i need to learn some  this is will be diffrent  aqua lunds is the most requested song

Here you go, Jethro Tull: Ian Anderson 's Flute Solos, on Amazon :-D

I have this book, it's very fun to play, but my sound is too...classical. Any tips to reach a sound in Ian Anderson's style?

I can't even play properly yet, so learning to do it Ian Andersons way will have to wait a bit longer.
At the front of that book there are a few tips on how Ian does it.
Perhaps you are concentrating to much on playing the written notes and should concentrate more on getting Ians sound. Have you tried pointing your flute down more, so that its at an angle to your mouth, or perhaps rolling it more? Doing things your teacher would have told you off for doing ? I expect you have, but thats all I can think of.
I find that when I'm tired after a long day, my right arm sags a little unless I concentrate, which points my flute down more. I then start getting some odd sounds, until I realise and lift my arm and flute back up. Thats what made me think of it.

Yes, I think I have to change the position of my lips and of my flute. Sometimes I get the sound I want, but other times my sound is too clear. I think I have to understand the technique better practicing more this kind of music. Instead, I've no problems with the singing-while-playing technique.

Hi Valeri

Mr.Ian does beat boxing while playing plus his sound is digital too, pls. check his website, where he mentions about the equipment that he uses to create effects such as reverb.

For example if you choose classical Bouree ( pre lude to J.S back ). Mr.Ian has played it in his own style & improvised with beat boxing, then comes back to original version


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