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Jethro Tull was on old band that had an awesome male flute player named Ian Anderson. He did things like singing into his flute and tossing it in the air.

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We play Jethro Tull (my husband and I, he on guitar, me on flute and piano).
Good to know you play Tull. In fact I learnt Thick as a brick notes from Youtube but unable to play the jazzy ending. Will you pls teach me that?

Jethro Tull yea they're awsome go Ian Anderson.
Ian was the flutist who innovated and got the rest of us out of our rut. He's great.
Agreed I love his work as well as the work of Dave Valentine and more recently Greg Patillo.
Let's not forget John Mayall and the Blues Breakers!
You are right. He is great. I wish I could play some of his no's. Pls also do not forget " Traffic, John Barley Corn must die"


Have you heard John Mayall's live album, "The Turning Point?" (There's no drummer) Johnny Almond John Mark, and I can't recall who played the bass. I'll dig it up and post it.
Being a Flutist, and NOT knowing of Jethro Tull is like being a Clown, who's never heard of BOZO. Ian Anderson brought notoriety to the term "Flautist." I started playing, (or should I say, "murdering") the flute in 1966, at the age of eleven. Herbie Mann and Chris Wood of Traffic were second only to Johnny Almond. (The Marc-Almond Band and John Mayall---"Turning Point") Then came Jethro Tull. By the time I was 20, I'd seen him live 16 times, 11 of them in Europe. The Germans sit as still as the dead, and smoke Marlboro, while us U.S. Soldiers dominated the front row, or Orchestra pit. I was a Green Beret, and Martin Lancelot Barre and Ian Anderson were greatly honored to be admired by an Officer of the Special Forces. On at least four occasions, I was invited to "mingle" with the band and their entourage. I picked Ian's brain for everything i could. Let me tell you this: The man DOES NOT use the E-flat lever under any conditions. Example: He did Bach's "Bouree in E Minor" in D Minor, as to avoid the inevitable E-flat. He fingered F-sharp using the right-middle finger. He ALWAYS had the right pinky pointing upward, as if he was playing a tea-cup. He never played a low C-sharp, or C. But the kid behind the curtain did. That kid was Chris Wood. When Tull played the Long Beach Arena, in 1976, Chris introduced me to Tim Weisberg, who happened to live a half a mile away from me in Fullerton, CA. Tim introduced me to a woman who was seated with the Austin Philharmonic as Principle Flutist. I took lessons from her for 15 years. On the day of my first lesson, I played "Bouree" as if I were Ian himself. That woman liked to KILL me. In just a few years of proper instruction, I realized that Ian Anderson is perhaps one of the worst flute players I've ever examined. He actually wrote a book on sub-standard fingerings, multi-tonal fingerings, and "sing and playing." He played a cheesy Artley flute, with a Barcus-Berry pickup in the head joint, and a micro pickup on each lapel, while also playing into two microphones. The miking was phased 5 ways. He has the vibrato of a goat. As much as I hate to admit, I have all his albums, I can play all of his compositions, he is a gentle, honorable man, who loves his audience and looks you DIRECTLY in the eye when he refers to his station in life as a "Flautist for the common man" Between Bach and Vivaldi, I always slip in "Serenade to a Cuckoo"
James Galway summed up the way he feels about "flautist," saying, "I am a flute player not a flautist. I don't have a flaut and I've never flauted."
Dear Steven,

I have sent you a long mail, so far not heard from you


I regret to destroy your argument by informing you that when his daughter pointed out his incorrect fingerings, he took the time to get himself a fingering chart and learn the correct fingerings ever since. He may not have the technical skill of a classically trained musician, but unlike most classical musicians who only know how to play classical music, he makes up for all that in creativity.

I don't see how going on a tangent about the terms he uses for a flutist or the fingerings he uses makes him a bad flutist or a bad musician in general.
Did Ian play Beethoven's 9th and Pachelbel Canon (In D Major?) It's "entertaining," to say the least.


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